The World Is Not What It Seems 

The world seemed so perfect for a time. Until you learn otherwise. I can only say one thing.

I hope that all those scumbags in the world who lie, cheat and manipulate other people truly get what’s coming to them.

You deserve every rotten thing that may happen to you. Mark my word there will be a time when you will be judged. And tried and convicted. 

For every manipulative and violent thing you have done in controlling others I hope you rot in hell someday for it. Only one perfect man and you’re not him. They crucified him.

Sending a prayer of love and hope to all those who have been abused, controlled and picked on. May God give you the strength you need to persevere and find your way. There is light at the end of that tunnel. Just have to believe.

May God take down the abusers and others who manipulate people. 

The world is not what it seems. There is a war going on among us. But Jesus will win! Trust in that. Praise God. 



Modern Age

Technology will tell you that newer and modern is better. We now live in a world of digital and android and iPhone and other devices. For years we had on air broadcast albeit analog signals for TV. With a good antenna or even rabbit ears could watch those channels for free. Sometimes the picture was good and sometimes not. But it was free. Then digital age walks in and says analog signals won’t do and they switched to digital and turned the analog ones off. It made the older TVs useless. You now needed either a digital box with a digital tuner hooked to your TV using an antenna or Satellite dish for even basic channels. And the satellite TV at a cost. Suddenly you have to pay for even basic channels. Then came Android devices and smart phones and homes with high speed Internet and wifi. From that came the Android boxes which gives the user the ability  to combine a digital tuner with the ability through the box to turn any TV into a smart TV. And the cable companies and the telecommunications companies are upset about that and their so called loss of their business. It is not the boxes that has caused the number of their subscribers to decline. No it is their pricing and the emergence of the digital age that is the cause of their demise. It is too high. Satellite TV and cable both. You get better value and entertainment from Netflix and Vimeo and YouTube than any Satellite TV or cable service. These companies have more money than most corporations yet they are upset about their loss of revenue. As for so called illegal signals people will find a way regardless of an Android box. And if too it is for personal use how is streaming any content illegal? Cable TV and telecommunications companies need to get a grip on reality.

Customer Service 

​Point of interest. The next time you are on the phone with a customer service representative please treat that person with the same courtesy as you expect to receive. Canadian people – just because you are talking about an American company does not mean that person at Customer service is in the USA. Stop being so bloody condescending! In the course of a day I will talk to an American any day over someone in Canada! You make me ashamed by your rude behavior! Stop assuming everyone is an American. And the next time you refuse a survey do you realize you may be hurting that agent’s stats? Just my rant.

Glass is Half Full

​This world is full of the people that have and those who have not.  About 99% vs the 1% they say. Well financially I am certainly in the have not category. Signed papers for bankruptcy the other day. Can’t get any lower but it was me admitting that I can’t do it anymore. We get these credit cards and think wow! But if you run a limit which I was dumb enough to do, we end up renting someone else’s money. At high rates. But I have what many of the have people may never have. Family and friends. And my house, car and my cats. So you see the glass really is half full and not half empty. Do I go to Church? No. Do I believe in our Savior Jesus? Absolutely. I have had too many things happen to me not to. But I am not perfect and I have human frailties. There was one perfect man and they crucified him.

Sussex Fleas

Every year this weekend in Sussex NB the NB Antique Auto Club holds its annual giant flea market. Crowds start on the Thursday night before and keep getting bigger by the hour on Friday and at its craziest by late Saturday. For the town it is great to bring visitors to the town. But for locals well … less so I am afraid. Normally busy streets on the weekend are now backed up with wall to wall traffic.  Traffic is annoying to the person trying to get out of their driveway. Insanity even to the point of recommending flea dope for all those fleas. My own feelings are the same. I like to avoid the flea market at all costs. Good for the town are all those fleas. But for me I will leave it be.


Cats come in all shapes and sizes and temperament. Some are complete love bugs while others quite frankly are an old grouch. Some are tuxedo black and white while others are calico, gray and white or tortoiseshell. Now I have 3 cats. One is gray and white and has the softest fur and the biggest eyes with the sweetest personality any kitty could have. The other is a male tuxedo, a rescue and the world’s biggest baby. The third is really a calico tabby though many call her tortie. I say she has catitude. Yup I like cats.