Glass is Half Full

​This world is full of the people that have and those who have not.  About 99% vs the 1% they say. Well financially I am certainly in the have not category. Signed papers for bankruptcy the other day. Can’t get any lower but it was me admitting that I can’t do it anymore. We get these credit cards and think wow! But if you run a limit which I was dumb enough to do, we end up renting someone else’s money. At high rates. But I have what many of the have people may never have. Family and friends. And my house, car and my cats. So you see the glass really is half full and not half empty. Do I go to Church? No. Do I believe in our Savior Jesus? Absolutely. I have had too many things happen to me not to. But I am not perfect and I have human frailties. There was one perfect man and they crucified him.


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