Tea or coffee you might ask? While I readily drink my share of coffee, I must admit that I enjoy a good cup of tea. There are so many different varieties. Oolong. Orange Pekoe. Herbal teas that include Chamomile and Peppermint Tea. Nothing better than the relaxing feel of Chamomile sweetened with a little honey or the relief felt from Peppermint Tea on the stomach. Myself, I like hot Orange Pekoe with a little milk. Don’t get me wrong, I like my coffee but all in all I like my tea!


Another day. 

Morning everyone. Just another day in the life. Just finished Fatal Identity by Marie Force. Great read as always Marie Force. Good flow to her books which is what good writing is all about. Good flow and an interesting topic. Name of the game!

Senior Groupies 

I can remember attending several live concerts through my life. Two concerts were with the band Toronto. One of them the Lydia Taylor Band opened the show. Lydia is a good singer as is Holly Woods, lead singer from the band Toronto. But the most memorable have been the three live Daniel O’Donnell shows featuring Mary Duff. Now those two can cook live. Their music comes alive. I remember being deliberately on the aisle seats but having several older ladies push their way over me to get to Daniel. He’s really not much taller than I am but the senior groupies trying to get to him. Now there is love and admiration for talent. Same reaction with the merchandise table. Oh well gotta love those senior groupies!

The Show

Judy Norden could hardly believe it. She looked down at the two tickets to the Ron Elton concert tonight. Front row for her and her sister Joyce. Her sister was visiting from the UK to celebrate her birthday and go to the show. Judy fought back tears at the thought of tonight. For the first time in 35 years their idol Ron Elton was appearing live on stage. And it was her birthday. She could hardly wait. Impatient she glanced at her watch. Oh where was that sister of hers? “Joyce!” she bellowed. “Joyce!” It was time to go or they’d be late.
Joyce Rayburn sighed as she hurried down the stairs. Her sister was so impatient. “I’m ready. Let’s go.”
Joyce sat in the front row with her sister as they listened to the band play the opening number. She cheered enthusiastically with the rest of the crowd as they watched Ron Elton make his way to the stage. She looked over at Judy who was cheering just as loudly. The crowd screamed as Ron started belting out the familiar opening tune. It was as if time stood still and 35 years had never passed. His hair now was white but his body was slimmer than the last time he’d been on stage.
Ron Elton breathed a sigh of relief as he finished the first two numbers. He’d been nervous about doing this after all this time. He felt the love of his audience as they applauded loudly. “Thank you. Thank you everyone. I can’t tell you how good feels to be back on stage with you all. We are going to do some old songs and some new ones we have been working on that I hope you’ll like.” He said as his band started the familiar strains of Love, Love, Love, Me Now. He felt as if time stood still as he sang his first big hit. In the groove he reacted to the feel his audience. He was home.
Judy cheered and whistled as Ron Elton sang one of his old songs, one that she’d always liked. Since she was a teen she had always idolized Ron Elton. The auditorium was full and the applause loud. She watched with anticipation as Ron moved to stand in front of where they sat.
Ron Elton looked at the two women in the front row and smiled. “My manager told me that someone here has a birthday today and her sister is here from the UK. Is that right Judy Norden?”
Judy blushed from the attention that Ron Elton was giving her. He was speaking to her! She nodded.
Ron Elton smiled at the women and nodded in reply. He took the package his manager handed to him and gave it to Judy. He bent over and lightly kissed her. “Happy Birthday. Ladies this song is for you. Until we meet again.”
Judy held tight to her sister as they listened to Ron sing his trademark closing number. “Until We Meet Again.” She cried tears of joy as she watched him keep his eyes directly on them as he sang the number. Oh Lord she thought. This is a night I will never forget. Years later she would remember the night that she would call “The Show.” The night Ron Elton came back to his fans. The night the music came alive.